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United OSD US Series Full-Performance Screw Air Compressor

The US series full-performance screw air compressor units integrate screw air compressor, freezing-type compressed air dryer and compressed air high efficiency filter together with all-in-one machine. Through the processing of the built-in freezing-type dryer and high efficiency filter, the full-performance screw air compressor will discharge clean and dry air, which will fully guarantee the gas quality for the user terminal, improve the production efficiency and save the production cost for users.

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Excellent & reliable performance
-The most efficient & reliable screw compressor configuration
-High efficiency cooling system
-Integrated & high efficiency oil and gas separation system
-Compact structure, ultra-low noise design
-Multi-set linkage control could be installed according to customer’s demand
-Advanced design concept makes the unit vibration value much lower than the international value
-Aluminum strip-fin oil with compact, light and handy structure and high heat transfer efficiency enables the unit to be used in high-temperature environment.

Excellent quality and high performance ratio 

-Products improved according to the specific working conditions.
-High energy efficiency grade brought by the high-quality accessories can save your money.
-Rational design, long running time and reliability can save the maintenance costs.
-EPC intelligent control system can run/stop the unit automatically and reduce the energy consumption to the lowest level.
-Small in size, easy installation, high level of automatism, easy operation and maintenance, maximum reduce the downtime.