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Dürr Technik – Oil free compressor Marathon B-304 ( 290 l/min, 7 bar, 77 dBA, 2.95 kW)

Oil-free compressors of the range Marathon are powerful and extremely reliable
By a highly intensive cooling, which is integrated in the crank casing a continous running at max 10 bar is ensured. In comparison with other compressed air compressors the big filter surface of the suction filter with 10 µ guarantees a long lifetime and an optimal suction behaviour. Due to the missing of external pipes the compressed air compressors of the range Marathon, are espescially compact.

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Why Dürr Technik Oil Free Air Compressor?

  • Established in 1981, part of Durr Dental Group founded in 1941
  • 100% made in Germany
  • 30 years ago, life time of oil free compressor is up to 5,000 hours at average pressure of 6 bar
  • Today, the Marathon series value at approximately 20,000 hours at average pressure of 8 bar
  • Constantly carrying out endurance test to ensure permanent high quality
  • Continuous researching for new materials and geometric design to ensure long lifetime of product
  • A leading market leader for small compressor and vacuum pump