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DH 4 – DH 630

If you are looking for an effective way to generate dry compressed air, the BOGE DH refrigerant compressed air dryers are the right choice every time. They are characterized by their low energy consumption and extraordinarily low pressure losses. This means the two largest cost drivers in compression air drying can be systematically eliminated – while at the same time retaining absolutely reliable and safe operation!

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Reliable pressure dew point.

  • Generously dimensioned components
  • Reliable pressure dew point
  • Consistently high compressed air quality
  • With pressure dew point indicator

Intelligent design.

  • Proven and field tested components
  • Easily accessible interior due to removable cover
  • Efficient heat exchanger module guarantees energy-saving operation

Environmentally friendly operation.

  • R 134a/R 407c without ozone depleting potential
  • Recyclable materials
  • High energy efficiency
  • Maximum conservation of resources

Systematic efficiency.

  • Extraordinarily low pressure loss, no expensive higher compression required
  • Less overcompression necessary in the compressor as a result
  • 6% savings on compressor energy costs for every bar of overcompression saved

Extensive equipment.

  • Illuminated switch
  • Heat exchanger with demister
  • Power plug up to DH 90
  • Optional: standard bypass line and special voltages

BOGE Refrigerant compressed air dryers DH 4 to 630: the consistent way to save energy!