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Boge SBD 125/250 Series

The modular assembly system allows the selection of individual compressors and receiver sizes, depending on the application. Also available as a super-silenced model.

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BOGE – Benefits for you

  • No special foundations required
  • Most economic unit designed for each compressed air demand
  • Customised solution for each application

Duplex Compressor Package – Receiver Mounted

A duplex compressor package works economically when compressed air demand fluctuates greatly. The compressors can be switched as base-load or peak-load machines or as load and standby-compressor with 100% reserve capacity. Also available as a super-silenced model.

BOGE – Benefits for you

  • Energy cost savings by avoiding high power peaks
  • Stand-by compressor for
    – expansion
    – peak demand
    – air supply during maintenance periods
  • Uniform loading